7 Days [ish] in Retrospect


In retrospect this week was pretty wonderful. [these photo’s are not in consecutive order but I didn’t feel like fixing it. Time is of the essence right now!]

Ava is crawling! And this is how she’s starting to sit up. She’s got a cute little lean going on. 🙂

11312104_882159358533301_438395673_n 11312515_874239472652623_1777874025_n

A pretty wonderful and candid picture of us.


One of the rough days.


More than usual Ava Leigh has things in her mouth. We’re keeping an eye out for that first tooth!


Yesterday morning, Jameson and I had a date and headed to Jacksonville to spend a few hours with my good friend Erica and her two boys! We swam, we played and we talked some good heart stuff. I am so so thankful for her heart and honesty.


I will forever remember this day as a tipping point for me as a mom and just as a woman in general. Seeing my great. great need for a Savior. This is why I say the week was good in retrospect. It’s never enjoyable to be stretched and convicted and refined. It’s never enjoyable to go through the fire, even for a short time. But the outcome is always strong and beautiful.


Seriously, how cute is this little diva?


We got to enjoy a short but sweet visit from our friends the Pflugi’s! John is so stinking cute! And it was adorable the way they all played together!


I love her so much! I can’t wait to meet Miss Paisley!


Jameson and Ava’s first bath together!


We always enjoy time with the Newby’s. Even the hard times. Love you guys ❤


Lots of Bible journaling this week!

11881773_388291974703465_1271020894_n 11881807_868179206598639_1486331944_n

Ava Leigh is somehow SIX months old!!!??!


Time flies when you’re having fun!




cheers, ka


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