This last month has been such a surprising blessing. Luke and I both spent a lot of time in previous months talking and praying over my talents and where I need to use them, how it can benefit our family, how to spend my time and which to focus on the most. As far as a hobby that earns us money, I have decided to focus all my efforts on calligraphy. Everything that will fall under this will be making signs of different sorts and maybe if I gain enough skill, addressing envelopes for weddings, miscellaneous invites, etc. The plan was to get enough practice and work behind me to eventually open an etsy shop.These were all things we discussed. Once the decision was made, I started nonchalantly posting things on Instagram and Facebook. Different quotes I had scribbled with pen and a few things I brush lettered on wood and canvas. Within days I had over a dozen people texting and emailing me asking how they could go about getting pieces made. It has continued every single day. I am so happily overwhelmed. This is such an incredible answer to prayer. And what a confirmation that I’m going in the right direction!

Thank you to everyone who is placing orders and thinking about doing so. You can email me at to discuss your ideas! 🙂

Here are a few peeks of things I’ve been playing around with. Most of these are just impromptu pictures taken with my phone. I’ll post better ones soon!


These first two, and a few others were written with a pointed pen and dipped ink. Actually writing with it is easier than I expected although I have SO MUCH PRACTICE to put forth in order to be where I’d like with this skill. It’s fun in the meantime. 🙂

34c754b6849411e3b9491215d1bef216_8 38c3adba8aae11e3be7e0e6b2385c706_8


For signs, I always practice out my sketches and almost never like what I first come up with. These are a few pictures of rough drafts.


53befa00817811e3ab4c12ca54d8f342_8 88f084b87c7911e39bd40e7965e0908e_8


Here’s a few fun little signs I made on scrap wood.


3842f824890e11e3b15212d3e12d7b7f_8 9468f8707f1211e388a91282221203cd_8


A canvas piece.



A letter to a friend.



The beginning of the biggest piece I’ve ever done! I’m pretty proud of how it turned out. I’ll post that another day. 🙂


a962a4dc8dff11e3b75d0ee2f53ed40e_8 ae07649487b711e3b98e0adf6264dc9a_8


Christmas cards!




And these are a few calligraphy pieces I just did a few days ago for some friends at church. Just written out on scrap cardboard.


untitled-8 untitled-11 untitled-12



So, that’s where I’m at today. I can’t wait to see where I’m at a month from now!





cheers, ka


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