Beach Picnic


This afternoon Luke and and I took Jameson for his very first beach picnic. We went to our favorite spot on our favorite beach. It was super foggy and kinda eerie but that made for all the more privacy on this cool day. It was lovely! We made pretty yummy sandwiches with ciabatta, prosciutto, spinach, pesto, mozzarella, provolone and basil. We had some more of our favorite snacks including veggie straws, grapes, cheese and fresh chocolate chip banana muffins. I also added some glass bottled cokes because that’s a favorite of Luke’s. But I figured we couldn’t have treats and Jameson not get any! So we got him some yummy new baby food and let him try some baby cheese puffs for his first finger food! He’s still got a few tries before he’ll have it down but it was fun watching him try!

We were being stalked by a gang of seagulls. Found no sharks teeth. Which was a bummer because I always find at least one on Vilano! But we did find two starfish!

All in all, we had a snuggly good time!

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cheers, ka


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  1. What a happy little family – I love it! Also, your hair’s red again!! And right as I’m about to dye mine dark brown from red. lol Love you, girl!

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