Rollin’, Scootin’, Teethin’


I seriously cannot believe that I have a 6 month old baby. He’s officially not a newborn anymore. In any way. And all of a sudden in this last week he is really looking and acting like a big baby. He’s rolling everywhere. Every time I turn around he’s in a different place in a different position. If he’s on his belly he immediately puts himself onto his hands and knees to rock and scoot. He got his first tooth and is loving digging it into my skin. He constantly makes noises and I know talking won’t be far behind crawling, which I “fear” is not far away. Man, we gotta get to baby proofing asap. Along with cleaning the carpets.


Here’s a few pictures from our walk to Fort Mose right by our house the other day.






And here’s some early morning jammie pictures I took a few hours ago. Is he cute or what?


[side note :: early morning light is THE BEST]








cheers, ka


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