Dear Sarah Becca


Dear Sarah Becca,

Today you’re a quarter of a century old. Happy Birthday to a most precious friend.

When we first met, I thought you were snooty. Part of me hoped that it was just because you were nervous but the other part of me figured we would probably never be friends, even though our fiancés were old friends. It would have been unfortunate. We talked over dinner and were polite and asked all the right questions. I’m not sure when we saw each other the next time but I remember coming to your wedding rehearsal and feeling extremely awkward. You were SO nice to me. You didn’t have to pay attention at all to me. You had a million other things going on. But you included me in on all the events of the evening that included your family and close friends. I was so uncomfortable, I ditched as soon as I could. The next time we saw you was at our wedding two months later. Then a few months after that, something happened. The four of us hung out again and we had a lot of fun. No first time jitters. No masks. We were ourselves. That was almost five years ago and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

The four of us have been through a lot together. We’ve fought. We’ve embarrassed each other, both in funny ways and ways that deserved apology. We’ve made each other cry. We have laughed. And laughed. And laughed. We’ve been stupid. We’ve been creative. We’ve explored. We’ve celebrated. We’ve mourned. We’ve carried each other through some tough situations. We started a band. Weeeeee ended a band? We spent bookoo’s of money on gas driving to see one another. We had babies.

This last adventure of ours has been my favorite. How many people can unexpectedly find out they’re pregnant days apart from their best friend? It has been a relieving joy to go through this season of pregnancy and motherhood with you. Thank you for listening and sharing. Thank you for eating comfort food with me. Thank you for shopping with me. Thank you for your advice and help. Thank you for serving me. Thank you for questioning me.

You have taught me such kindness in these last few years of our friendship and I feel myself learning from you regularly. I appreciate how honest you are with yourself, even when it stings. Sarah, I have seen you grow into such a beautiful woman. When I look back at that timid girl I first met I realize now that you hadn’t even discovered yourself yet. I guess marrying young makes you figure it out pretty quick because who you became in my first year of knowing you is who you’ve stayed. I feel fortunate to have a front row seat to your triumphs and failures, joys and sorrows. Scratch that. I feel fortunate to have a best friend who allows me in the ring with her to dust her off and point her chin to her Savior. Thank you for helping me learn how to be a better woman, a better wife, a better Christian.


I love you. Happy Birthday.

sarah birthday 2

sarah birthday 3

sarah birthday 4

sarah birthday




cheers, ka



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