Restaurant Review :: Mango Mango’s


I’ve been so excited to share this restaurant review [when I wasn’t busy forgetting to write this restaurant review]. Mango Mango’s is my absolute favorite restaurant in my sweet little town of St Augustine. I used to think that it was only because it was the first place Luke took me to eat in town when I came to visit before we started dated. But over the years it has proven to be so much more than that. Their. Food. Is. So. Good.

Let’s start with a weird picture of Luke.

Because I can.


And now a not so weird one.


First of all, I took these pictures more than a month ago and have since then lost my notes of what we ordered that day. But because I know we won’t be making it to Mango Mango’s anytime soon, I’m going to do my best to recap.

As you can see just from the two pictures above, Mango Mango’s is a very tropical restaurant. From the colors to the flavors. It’s a small block away from the shore of St Augustine Beach. My ONLY complaint about this place is that it’s small for how popular it is [the seating and the parking]. It’s totally worth the wait if there is one, just in case you visit and don’t feel like hanging around. We almost always take out of town visitors here for dinner and usually explain it as a Caribbean restaurant although it’s got plenty of American food with a Caribbean taste to it.

So, let’s start with the menu.

IMG_0093 IMG_0095 IMG_0105 IMG_0106

From my experience, Mango Mango’s is quick to accommodate to your personal preferences/allergies or whatever. They even have a spot on the vegetarian section of the menu that lets you know they’ll try to create anything you want to suit your needs! Luke and I have so many items we love here that we had a hard time picking just one to share for the blog. So, we decided to order a new appetizer but then to go with two of our favorites. I’m realizing I’m going to have to do a second review JUST to share more delicious pictures!

Our favorite items include chicken nachos, corn cakes, mango burger, island burger, cuban burger, mangos chicken sandwich, Hawaiian chicken sandwich, mahi mahi sandwich, goldmine chicken sandwich, arroz con pollo, shrimp tacos, crab cakes, fried shrimp, salad, regular fries, yucca fries, black beans, and the fried plantains. Seriously. You can see that this is not one of those places we only enjoy ordering one item. We LOVE this restaurant.

If we get an appetizer we usually go with the chicken nachos. They are loaded a mile high and filled with all sorts of goodness. But this day we chose to try their corn cakes and I am so incredibly glad we did.


I think the presentation in and of itself is pretty nice and definitely appealing. It had so many flavors that stood out and they blended together perfectly. The corn cake is stuffed with mozzarella so you think it’s gonna be savory but the corn part of it is sweet and delicious. The zesty sauce, sour cream and salsa verde all complement it nicely! I liked this so much that the next time we went, about two weeks later, I ordered it as my main course!


I could always use more avocado though. 🙂


IMG_0135 IMG_0144 IMG_0151

Okay, my meal first! While I usually order the shrimp tacos or the crab cakes, this time around I got the Goldmine Chicken Sandwich. A ridiculously juicy chicken sandwich on pressed foccacia bread with tomato, cheese and a healthy dose of caramelized onions. Caramelized onions are seriously one of my favorite things to eat. When cooking with them at home I always make twice as much because I end up eating half of them as I cook. Therefore, I’m super satisfied with how many come on the Goldmine. This is the juiciest chicken [sandwich] around. I don’t know how they do it.

IMG_0155 IMG_0159 IMG_0166

I didn’t take a picture of it but if you like honey mustard, Mango Mango’s has the honey mustard to end all honey mustards. It’s apricot honey mustard so it’s extra sweet! I always get it when I order their fries.

Luke usually gets the arroz pollo, which has been his favorite item for about 7 years now, and he still can’t pronounce it right. It always makes me giggle. He has since begun just telling the waitress he wants chicken and rice. But this day he ordered one of his other favorites: the cuban burger. It’s essentially a cuban sandwich with a nice fat hamburger patty on it. Luke considers himself a burger connoisseur. He orders burgers almost everywhere we go. I consider it boring. He considers it a profession.

Out of all the burgers Luke has eaten. This one is his third favorite. That is actually saying A LOT.

IMG_0162 IMG_0164

According to Luke and pretty much everyone that comes to Mango Mango’s: their fried plantains are to die for. I, however, hate fried plantains. Which I hate.  I want to like them. I always give them another try hoping that something changed but it never does.

IMG_0168 IMG_0171

They serve wine and beer, including a few from local breweries. I love the A Street red they have on tap.

IMG_0172 IMG_0175

The service is always friendly and quick. This specific time that we visited a waitress accidentally poured several drinks on a customer [as a former waitress to customers everywhere … deal with it, it happens] and she apologized profusely then offered to buy him a drink. Come on! That’s pretty awesome.

I wish she’d pour drinks on me!

IMG_0178 IMG_0185

Man, I shouldn’t have waited so long to write this post. ‘Cause now I really want Mango Mango’s for dinner!




cheers, ka

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