Chubby (sort of) Baby


The first month of Jameson’s life he really struggled with gaining a healthy amount of weight. He was long and lean and definitely happy! But there were definitely reasons that I don’t feel like getting into that pointed us to knowing we needed to supplement formula on top of our breastfeeding routine. Jameson was fairly small for a while and continued to show up in the lower weight range for his age group. It never really worried us though.

Well, in the last week he has officially put on some chub. Since he was a few weeks old we’ve had to alter and guess just how much food he needs trying to figure out what’s enough. And it changes as he grows! It’s such a relief to finally know he’s getting the right amount of food and to see the outcome of it. He’s got chubbier cheeks, chubbier thighs and a double chin and it’s the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. I’m excited to go in for his four month check up and see his current weight!







cheers, ka


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