Our Week in Instagram Pictures


Here’s a few pictures of our week in Instagram Pictures.

First, a super yummy baked oatmeal I made a few days ago. I followed this recipe here. Although I think next time I’ll let it sit for a least an hour or maybe even overnight to allow it to become fluffier.


I spent some time singing and dancing with my baby boy.


Jameson and I went on a beautiful walk with my best friend Sarah Becca and her daughter Norah.


My mama in law got to cuddle with Jameson.


Jameson tested out what it felt like to be the big man on the couch.


Luke and I went on a lunch date to Mojo’s. Blog review here.


We spent the morning with our best friends, the Johnson’s and took some fun pics of their family. This is a sneak. A phone shot of my camera screen. I can’t wait to share the real deal!


I spent hours upon hours upon days swooning over my blessing. His name is Jameson.


I made one of my all time favorite dishes. Pioneer Woman’s Risotto Primavera. Deeeeeelish.


And last but not least. My dog is a lazy bum.



Jameson has become captivated by all sources of light. Which we enjoy. It shows off those baby blues.





Our cat Gemma enjoyed some cuddle time. Which I confess has become a little more rare since Jameson’s arrival.



And after years of wanting to dye my hair blue, I finally did. I feel like a mermaid. I love it so much!!!





cheers, ka


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