Mojo’s Tacos in Saint Augustine


I live in the coolest town. When Luke and I were dating long distance and I would visit here, I would cry out (especially when crossing one of the bridges at night), “Why can’t I live here?!” And now, after three years of living here I still cry out, “Yay! I live here!” Between the historical sites, the beach, the river, the music scene, the photo opportunities, and the restaurants, it’s a really cool place to live. Luke and I have been discussing the fact that there are way too many restaurants that we have yet to try. Primarily because we already have some yummy favorites. A few months back we created a list of about 35 local restaurants we want to try and I figured, hey, why not give them a little review on the blog. For myself, for friends, and for anyone visiting the area that want to know an opinion about a restaurant they wanna give a shot. So, if you’re visiting here for that last reason, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, I am just a lowly lady giving her limited opinion. I really just like food.

Yesterday we decided to go to one of our favorite lunch spots: Mojo’s Tacos.


We first tried Mojo’s about a year ago with Luke’s brother Caleb and his wife Crystal. They swore by it so we trusted them. To be honest, neither Luke nor I were impressed. Luke got a taco (I don’t remember what kind) and I ordered a fish taco. I ordered the taco without their signature Mojo sauce because it includes cilantro, which I’m allergic to. This resulted in a very dry taco :: no fault of their own. They put the sauce on there for a reason. All that being said, we didn’t return for quite some time.

But when we decided to give it another try, we fell in love.


Mojo’s is open 7 days a week from 9:04 a.m. to 9:04 p.m. Clever. That’s Saint Augustine’s area code, for those of you that don’t know. Until today, Luke and I never paid attention to the hours or the fact that they’re open for breakfast! I wish I could give you my thoughts on their breakfast menu. Maybe another time.


The little green building is located just over the Bridge of Lions on Anastasia Blvd. A hop and a skip away from both downtown and the beach. Although, closer to the downtown area. This really is the perfect after beach lunch shack. Parking is limited. But know that sometimes if you can’t find a parking spot, it may also be hard to find a seat inside.


Mojo’s is obviously (it’s in the title) a taco restaurant. They offer tacos, burrito’s and salads. That’s it. You can customize anything you like, and they’re happy to oblige. I’ve never felt like an inconvenience here. It’s a cash only joint. We’ve forgotten that a time or two and thankfully were able to use the ATM they have inside the restaurant.

It’s a small restaurant. 30 people would be uncomfortable, even with the outside seating. And there have been times we’ve seen  the line out the door. The inside seating isn’t the most comfortable either but you really don’t care because it’s such a laid back environment. Fancier seating would seem out of place.


The staff are friendly and helpful. They are knowledgable about their ingredients. Even all the ingredients in the sauce, which I’m thankful for (that darn cilantro allergy). Here’s the thing. I LOVE mexican food but avoid mexican restaurants because they put cilantro in everything. But remember how I said when we went back the second time, we loved it? Well, not only did I order a different taco, but I risked leaving the mojo sauce on. It was KILLER. Not like it killed me. It was delicious! So, that’s how much I love Mojo’s. That I risk having an asthma attack for it. So good.



When you walk in you see a large board with their entire menu on it. The server takes your order and writes it on a brown paper bag. The prices are reasonable, especially for the portions. They have limited sides and they are extra but cheap.



After you’re rung up you hope to find a seat. Usually when we go on Sunday afternoons it’s slim pickin’s. But when we went yesterday, a Monday afternoon. There were only 5 other people there. We got our drinks, just water, and while we waited for our food I snapped a few pictures. Our bag was delivered in just a few minutes. There have been 2 or 3 times, when the restaurant was extremely busy, that it’s taken about 10 minutes to get our food. It’s delicious regardless.



Luke pulled out our food, all wrapped in aluminum foil. I open up my taco’s and genuinely smile. They don’t skimp on anything. In fact, there’s so much goodness in there I can’t help but make a mess.



This time I got the chicken tacos. I love the way they cook their chicken and it’s shredded perfectly. All their tacos are double stackers. Meaning there’s a soft shell taco with melted cheese and a hard shell taco is placed inside that. I love the mixture of textures. Usually two tacos is more than enough for me.


Luke gets all set and ready to eat his ginormous burrito. Again, no skimping. I think he’d explode if he tried to eat two of those.


If you order tacos or burritos they throw a big bunch of chips in your brown bag. I don’t fully understand why they include chips but don’t include salsa or any kind of dipping sauce. We’ve taken to ordering sour cream and extra mojo sauce and dipping our chips in that. But I do wish they’d just include salsa as well; it’s only a dollar so it’s not bad to order some if you want though.


We clean our plates, er, foil. And I realize Luke is not nearly as messy a eater as I am.

Luke’s foil is nice and neat.


While mine is covered in delicious sauce.


Which I also got on my dress.


We’ve only ever been in the afternoon. I’d really love to go for dinner sometime and order from their selection of beer. They have Red Stripe which only seems fitting in my mind for the little spot.


Overall, Mojo’s is definitely one of our favorite places to eat in town. We’re never disappointed when we leave and we never feel bad about what we eat there either. I think next time I’ll try the Shrimp Salad!

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cheers, ka


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