Life with Baby


Well, well, well. I’m back! And I have an okay reason for taking a 4 month long break from blogging. One reason is that we have just now connected our apartment to the world wide web. The more important reason is that almost 3 months ago, Jameson joined our home and it has been a whirlwind love affair ever since. But now that we have internet at our fingertips I plan on blogging as regularly as possible. For myself. For Luke. For Jameson. For family and friends that live far away, and for those that are close and care. And for you! The unsuspecting person that I may have never met who will hopefully be encouraged by my usual honesty. So, thanks for reading!

Jameson is wonderful. He is an extremely happy baby. He only seems to fuss when something typical is bothering him; i.e. hungry, tired, dirty diaper. And once that’s taken care of he’s extremely happy again. He likes baths, especially bubble baths with his mom. He looks EXACTLY like his father. Something I prayed for. He can only sleep if he’s swaddled tightly. During the day he likes to sleep in his swing while at night he sleeps soundly in his crib. He likes when I use the bulb syringe in his mouth. He gets the hiccups several times a day. In the last few days he’s started paying close attention to his reflection in mirrors and even moving pictures, like when we facetime with loved ones. He has discovered his tongue. He’s just now starting to drool and blow bubbles, slobbering all over us. His eyes are looking kind of blue. He hasn’t quite laughed yet but makes what Luke and I call laughing noises. He’ll smile real big and coo real loud. And he’s just started holding his head up extremely well.

I am more in love with Luke than I have ever been before. He is an amazing father. Before Jameson came along – well, really before our nephew Charlie arrived this past December, I would have to force Luke to hold babies. He liked babies, but just didn’t wanna hold them. Once Charlie got here, I had to fight for him. And once Jameson arrived, it was like Luke had been a dad for years. He’s so wonderful. I barely have to ask Luke for help because he does so much already. He’ll change the diapers. Feed him bottles. Rock him to sleep. Sing to him. Dance for him. Do tummy time with him. Bathe him. He does an awesome swaddle. While at church a few weeks ago, someone complimented Luke on his “rare” interest as a dad. I was surprised by this. I assume all dads are as awesome as Luke and I’m sure the majority are. But Luke, baby, you were made for this.


I figure this post will suffice until my next one. Enjoy some pictures of the cutest kid.





Oh, also! Here is the rockin’ “birth announcement” that our close friend Chris made for us. Really, it was just for us. But I thought I’d share with the world. We love it. Thank you, friend!






cheers, ka


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