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How are Kelly and Jameson at 32 Weeks?


Well, we are definitely in the home stretch. I’m officially 8 months pregnant which blows my mind. In one sense I feel like this pregnancy has flown by but on the other hand, it seems like an eternity since I took that test that showed me two pink lines in the wee hours of the morning.

A lot has happened since my last post at 27 weeks. We now see our midwife every two weeks, but we only have two more two week visits and then we start seeing her once a week. I’m definitely getting bigger and feeling heavier but still happy and have a good amount of energy! I am starting to experience some of the less glamorous side effects/symptoms of pregnancy that barely anyone seems to talk about but I can still proudly say that I love being pregnant. We have started attending birth classes and we are both enjoying it so far. The instructor is knowledgeable and funny. It’s extra fun because our best friends Micah and Sarah Becca [who are due the same week as us] are also in the class with us. We had our first baby shower a few weeks ago on my 27th birthday. My sister, my mom and my good friend Amy hosted and it was a blast! About 60 people showed up [including children] to hug on us and pour love over our hearts. Jameson got so many wonderful things. He got a ton of handmade toys, burp cloths, bibs, onesies and blankets. I got a few beautiful handmade bags too. One of my favorite things about the shower is they asked everyone to bring a children’s book in lieu of a card. So now we have a shelf FULL of wonderful books to start Jameson’s library with. I’ve already read half of them to him. We got a good amount of diaper supplies, decorations, a boppy, a moby wrap, bath time stuff, toys, a stroller, feeding stuff, gift cards and a ton of super cute clothing. Not needing to return one thing! We both felt so blessed and loved that day. And I am so looking forward to ANOTHER shower in a little less than a month that Luke’s Mom, Nanny and Aunt are throwing for Jameson and I.

Tomorrow we go for a 4d ultrasound that is a gift from one very lovely woman and her friend. I’m so excited and nervous to see his little face. Also, his nursery is coming together quite nicely! I’ll post a picture on my next update.

IMG_1973 IMG_2006 IMG_2016 IMG_2036 IMG_2043 IMG_2050 IMG_2064 IMG_2112


Thanks to little brudda Joshua for the pictures! 🙂

Now, for the little details.

How far along: 32 Weeks

How big is baby: The size of a squash! He’s already somewhere between 15 and 17 inches long. How the heck? I don’t understand how that’s fitting inside me. And he probably weighs about 4 pounds.

Total weight gain: +18 lbs [I had been doing SO good with weight gain and on my last visit saw a huge jump of 5 pounds in just a few weeks. But Missy says it’s normal to experience one crazy jump in weight gain. But I’m definitely keeping a closer eye on my calorie sugar intake. I’d rather not gain 60 lbs and have a 20 lb baby! haha]

Maternity clothes: I bought a super cute swimsuit! And have been in the pool almost every other day!

Stretch marks: Just one new one since my last post.

Sleep: Boo. That’s all I have to say about that. Except that it’s not. I have become SUCH a light sleeper. It seems Luke has never snored so loud and the cat has never clawed up so many things and the dog has never rattled his collar more. I’m up at least 3-5 times a night to pee and usually have a hard time falling back asleep. And most days I wake up between 5-7 and get ready for the day. I know I really shouldn’t complain about it because soon little man will be keeping this schedule too. 🙂

Movement: Definitely getting stronger. It actually startled me and made me jump the other day! It is absolutely my favorite thing about being pregnant. Feeling him kick and jab and somersault from within. I will miss that most when he’s here.

Food cravings: Publix brand Chocolate Moose Tracks ice cream. Please understand that you can buy Moose Tracks ice cream almost anywhere [which is vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cups and fudge swirls] but only at Publix have I found CHOCOLATE Moose Tracks ice cream. I had a crying fit a few weeks ago when we couldn’t get there in time to buy some before they closed. I mean… a fit. I’ve also been eating a lot of banana’s.

What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach and beer.

What I am looking forward to: At this point it’s just HIM! I am just so looking forward to him. Dreaming about what he looks like and what he’ll sound like. What he’ll feel like and what his personality will be like. We find ourselves already praying for his heart and his future. And praying for our hearts and minds as we prepare to raise a baby to be a man.

Milestones: Jameson has now developed his own immune system! Crazy to think about.

Oh, and THIS: Breathing is getting more difficult. I had an asthma episode the other day which is the worst it’s been the entire pregnancy. So, then I have to use my nebulizer which majorly heightens my heart rate. No fun. And in general, the growing of the baby and the uterus has already pushed my lungs up and keeps them in a squished position. Being a pregnant asthmatic is fun! Again, don’t get me wrong. Despite any of the no-fun parts that come along with pregnancy, I still love it more than anything!




Cheers, ka


I Need You to Love Me


For the last installment of this story please go here.


Exactly one week after staying up all night playing thumb wars, we met in Orlando again. One of Luke’s favorite bands is a group called Gasoline Heart. Luke just so happened to be friends with a few of the members and they were playing at Hard Rock that night. So, we drove ourselves to City Walk several hours early, explored the shops and got a bite to eat. We were sitting outside this one particular pizza place having a cigarette and watching the music videos that were coming on the big screen. Luke brought up God again. Didn’t I ask him not to do that? It irritated me. I thought to myself, “If this is how it’s gonna be every time, I don’t want to be around him.” Realistically, that’s why I cut most Christians out of my life in the first place. I don’t remember anything about the conversation except for me bringing it to an end. We sat in silence for several minutes when all of a sudden a familiar song came on the big screen. A song by a Christian group called Barlow Girl. I only knew two songs by this group and this was one of them. Really, City Walk? This is the moment you decide to play a Christian song on the loudspeaker??? I sat there in hardened silence not willing to admit to Luke what was happening because it was highly likely that he had never heard the song or the band and hopefully he wasn’t listening. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t NOT hear the words. I played with my purse. I chain lit another cigarette. I tried to sing a different song in my head. But I couldn’t not hear the words. I see now that was the power of God in my life.

Why, why are You still here with me? Didn’t You see what I’ve done?
In my shame I want to run and hide myself But it’s here I see the truth
I don’t deserve You

But I need You to love me, and I
I won’t keep my heart from You this time And I’ll stop this pretending that I can Somehow deserve what I already have
I need You to love me

I, I have wasted so much time Pushing You away from me

I just never saw how You could cherish me ‘Cause You’re a God who has all things And still You want me

And I need You to love me, and I
I won’t keep my heart from You this time And I’ll stop this pretending that I can Somehow deserve what I already have
I need You to love me

Your love makes me forget what I have been Your love makes me see who I really am Your love makes me forget what I have been

Somewhere between the middle and the end of the song I started laughing at the irony of it. Luke wasn’t stupid. He knew. He was listening. I don’t think he knew until the second verse that it was a Christian song. But either way, he sat there in silence praying that I couldn’t NOT hear the words.

We didn’t talk about it.

A few torturous hours passed and finally it was time to make our way over to Hard Rock Live to hear this band [that I absolutely fell in love with and is still today one of my favorite bands]. I met a few of his friends who also showed up to see the band. Luke held my hand as he led me through the crowd. Sometimes I still get the same butterflies when he reaches for my hand.

For the next 30 days, Luke and I continued to meet in the middle. I don’t know if that’s because it was easier or because we weren’t quite ready to bring each other into our day to day lives, friends, and family. Maybe both.

A few weeks after those initial 30 days, I finally asked Luke to come down to Winter Haven to informally meet my family. I wanted to take my 7 year old niece, Kaitlyn, and my 2 year old nephew, Ty, to the aquarium in Tampa and I thought it would be fun if Luke came too. So, he met my family and they all of course loved each other. Ty wouldn’t let Luke put him down the entire day.

Later that month, Luke’s older brother Caleb was to get married. I was extremely nervous about this wedding for a multitude of reasons. One, it was a wedding. Two, I would be meeting Luke’s ENTIRE family. Three, I would be meeting most of Luke’s closest friends. Yeah, no reason to be nervous.

Caleb also went to BCF at the same time as Luke and I so I knew him as well. I was honored that he and Crystal asked me to sing at their wedding and I actually ended up doing a duet with their youngest brother Joshua. How funny that this was the first of hundreds of times of Joshua and I would sing together. Well, the wedding was beautiful and an absolute blast, come rain or come shine. That night, Luke and I joined 5 or 6 other people, a few of whom were in the wedding party and one was actually the photographer, at a condo on the beach. Everyone sat and talked for hours. We all eventually made our way onto the beach and Luke and I drifted off to ourselves. He held my hand as we walked and talked about how fun the weekend had been thus far. He stopped and faced me, still holding my hand on this cheesily beautiful night. The waves were perfect. The air crisp. The sky clear. The moon bright. He kissed me. He looked me in the eye and said, “It would be really cool if you wanted to be my girlfriend.” Before I could respond, a giant behemoth of a crab scurried on top of our feet and I started screaming in fright.