How Are Kelly and Jameson at 24 Weeks?


Sooooooo…. I’m not doing so well at keeping these weekly updates as I planned. Part of that is because we don’t yet have internet in our new place. Part of it is because I’m forgetful. But some is better than none! Here we go. Thank you to my wonderfully handsome, kind, selfless hubby for taking these pictures of me today. 🙂




How far along? 24 Weeks

How big is baby? About the size [length, I guess] of an ear of corn.

Total weight gain: +8 lbs

Maternity Clothes?  Nothing new from the jeans I bought a few weeks ago. But I do lean mostly toward stretchy skirts and dresses.

Stretch marks? Yup. A few tiny ones on my belly. Bring on the cocoa butter! 😉

Sleep: Still wanting that body pillow!

Movement: Plenty! I’m definitely noticing that he has active days and not so active days. Which I try to not let it stress me out. Luke FINALLY felt him kick for the first time a few days ago He gave him a good couple of swift ones. I think [I could be wrong] I’m starting to feel him move and roll or something. It feels quite strange, whatever it is.

Food cravings: Sweet things. Which I’m only allowing myself like one sweet thing a day, especially because my glucose test is coming up in a few weeks.

What I miss: Caffeine! I’m drinking mostly water, orange juice, and cranberry juice with the occasional cup of decaf coffee. But I do find myself wanting a diet coke or a solid real coffee every few days.

What I am looking forward to: baby showers! I know it’s early but my sister, mom, and good friend just started the early stages of planning for one shower and it’s gotten me all excited for both that I will be blessed with.

Milestones: The fact the Jameson can supposedly hear most everything. Air exhaling from my lungs. Our voices. And all those loud sounds, even though they’re muffled.

Oh, and THIS: Registering is really fun, but really stressful! Thank God Luke enjoys being involved and helping with all those decisions.




cheers, ka


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