Bitty Baby Boy Jones


We’re having a boy! And we could not be happier about it.

Monday was our 17 week ultrasound and we knew going into it that there was a very high chance that it was too early, and bitty baby was still too small to see anything of consequence. At first, our ultrasound tech lady was quite rough around the edges and seemingly angry with us for having our appointment scheduled so early. I mean… hush. Just do what you do. We’re not gonna yell at you if you can’t tell us the sex. Anyway, she repeatedly told us it was too early and blah blah blah but we just politely told her that we knew, and it was fine. If we had to reschedule we would but we would like it if she could do her best in the meantime. She did her scan and I laid there in the dark room for what seemed like an eternity but was probably only about 10 minutes while Luke cheated and kept looking at the screen trying to figure out if it was a boy or girl.

We, like most parents, really did not have a major preference. I say that I would like all boys. That I want to raise a house full of godly, strong, kind, crazy men. I say that I don’t want daughters because I’m pretty sure I would murder them in their teenage years. But since the beginning of the pregnancy, I had BIG feelings that it was a girl. I mean, I was convinced. Even though a long line of Jones boys makes that pretty unlikely. And up until Monday I had become more than okay with the prospect of bitty baby being a girl. I was excited. I was looking forward to it. So, Monday morning as I lay in the dark room. I couldn’t care less if it was a boy or a girl. I just couldn’t wait to find out.

After she did all of her first scans, judging what she could of brain development and heart development and all the other body development she showed us some lovely images [which were all 100% healthy and on target!]. We got to see the rapid flashing of the heart beating again. She let us listen in on the glorious sound, that I will never grow used to, of the heart beating aloud. We got to see bitty baby twitch and kick and stretch. It was so neat to see the entirety of his spine stretched out inside me and for the millionth time since we discovered we were pregnant I became overwhelmed with the divine right I am carrying out. Thank you, Jesus. Then, finally we started trying to see the gender. Stubborn bitty baby was breached, meaning that his legs were down and squished together. For the next ten minutes we moved around trying to get him to change positions. She just kept saying, “I really don’t think we’re gonna find out today.” At one point, we caught a glimpse of bitty baby’s hand between his legs. I joked that that meant it was a boy. She laughed and said, “Honestly, more times than not that is actually proved true.” So, she got a few little glimpses that were hinting to her that it was a boy until finally, we got a good glimpse and she said, “Nope. That’s a boy right there.”

This image is just a good little face image. It’s so strange how sonograms work. They’re a little creepy or freaky if you’re 100% honest. Until you remember that my baby actually does have skin and eyeballs.


This is one telling view we got of our little boys wee. It’s hard to see and I should’ve drawn on it a little to point it out for you but that’s legs and butt cheeks you see. So, the white dot right in the middle of the entire picture is what tells us that bitty baby is a boy!


And this one is just for fun. Baby is sucking his thumb!


We were ecstatic. I didn’t cry [right way] like I thought I would. Luke was in absolute awe and couldn’t really say anything. We laughed and joked and were just so happy. And I have to admit that I felt a tiny twinge of disappointment for a millisecond that it wasn’t a girl. But only because that’s what I’ve believed for the last two months. But it was INSTANTLY replaced with joy and happiness and … relief? This is what I wanted. I wanted a boy. And like I’ve always known, even if I don’t have a house full of boys – at least any daughters we have will have at least one older brother to take care of them.

So, then we went into another room to wait for our wonderful midwife, Missy. Have I said how much I adore her? Well, I do. I’m a personable, affectionate person and I love having a caretaker during this time who recognizes that and is the same in those ways. For example, during our last visit with her in January we just talked and talked and then we showed her our pregnancy announcement video and she loved it. I just like her so much for how she cares for me and baby right now. It’s perfect for us. Anyway, as we’re waiting for Missy in this other room, I hop up onto the examination table and Luke sits in a chair beside me. We don’t say much but we just keep looking at each other with these ridiculous grins on our face. I ask to see the pictures again and then I just start crying. “Jameson,” Luke says, “We’re having Jameson.”








Yes. There is a little baby boy inside me who we’re going to raise to be a man. We hugged and laughed and cried and joked. We just could not be happier or more excited to meet Jameson Wolf Jones.




cheers, ka


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