Forever Young


My sweet goodness, it has been too long since my last post. Where to begin? What, especially with my last post being such an important one for me to write – it’s kind of awful that I just left it there.

I can sit here and try to catch my readers up on all my doings during that time but that’s not what I really want to write about. What I really want to write about is this.

If you haven’t seen it yet, please watch this video before you continue reading. 🙂

How beautiful, right? Thank you to my brother Joshua and cousins JB and Kris for helping us film this and helping us light countless lanterns into the night. Thank you, boys!

We’re pregnant! It’s finally getting less hard to believe. We’re 13 weeks at this point which means we’ve had two ultrasounds and gotten to see our little one’s heart beat. We have another appointment with our midwife on Monday and I’m hoping we’ll get to hear the heartbeat this time. I can’t imagine how magical it is.

We feel so enormously blessed at how God allowed this baby to come into being. And we’re humbled daily knowing He’s fearfully and wonderfully knitting the bitty baby day by day, moment by moment. It’s so much fun being able to keep up with all the little development details. Like this week, our baby is developing vocal cords! It would be pretty cool if bitty baby was a singer. And I thought about that the other day. Yes, that would be cool. But ultimately, I don’t care! This child can grow up to be whatever he or she wants to be. A singer, a teacher, a police officer, an insurance adjuster, an actor, a postal service employee, a missionary. I don’t care. I don’t care if our kids don’t want to go to college. College isn’t for everyone.

It’s also been interesting praying for this baby since we’ve discovered him or her inside me. Obviously, we’re praying for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. But I mean beyond that. Praying for the life of this person. It’s hard. Praying that Luke and I live in such a way that bitty baby will grow to find faith in Christ a desirable and attainable thing. That we teach well and offer endless grace. I’m so scared that my mistakes are going to pave the wrong path for this person. That the mistakes of my family will be easily made by this person. I pray that the bonds of family sin such as addiction and abuse be broken and have no hold over our child. Praying for the choices that this child will make. That he or she will always seek wisdom from those who know the Lord and that when mistakes are made, I pray our little one won’t give into feelings of self-loathing. May Luke and I be solid examples of grace and second chance. I want this child to receive all our good traits and none of the bad. And I can’t wait to see which traits he or she will possess that Luke and I have no grasp of.

We’re so gracious for the love and support we’ve received from our family and friends. This is going to be an incredible journey!



DSC_7450 DSC_7434


Thank you to our good friend Brittany Long Photography for the above photo’s. I edited them with her permission. 🙂





cheers, ka


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  1. Simply Beautiful. This had me and mrs. sandra in tears here in the office. So excited for your sweet family – Love you!

  2. This is just beautiful!! I am so excited for you both! What a wonderful blessing.

    I totally understand and relate to the prayers and worries you have for your unborn child! I remember feeling the same way. Lord, please don’t let him follow in the same sin that my family did… don’t let him suffer like I did. I still pray now as we raise him! Praying for a smooth and healthy pregnancy! These pictures are radiant of you. 🙂

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