More Pictures of Pictures


This post serves as a sequel to my last post from about an hour ago. As I continued to look through old photos, I-of-course found more gems.



The top picture is Luke’s older brother, Caleb. The bottom picture is our good friend Eb with Caleb in the background.



My studly, long before we came to be.





The picture on the left is our friends Dylan and Travis… I’m not sure what they’re doing. I love the picture on the right of Luke and his cousin Evan. It kills me. It just kills me.





This doesn’t even look like Ryan. But it is. Oh, it is. The bottom picture is my brother-in-law, Joshua [Luke’s younger brother]. It’s funny

to me that most of the pictures Luke has of Joshua are like this — Joshua most likely yelling at his brothers to leave him alone. haha






What a great picture this first one is. Luke, his older brother Caleb and two of their cousins Evan and Justin. Love it.

The picture underneath is Luke and our friend Eb, again. hhaaaaaa




Luke getting fitted for his first pair of chaps. At least…. I think that’s what’s going on! 😉

The picture on the right is one of many strange shots of Luke’s friend Ryan.





Oh the pranks I’ve heard stories of. And there’s another shot like I was telling you about of Joshua.





I love this picture because it shows what Luke looked like when we first met each other. This was in he and Caleb’s dorm room at BCF.

The second picture: my brother-in-law Caleb and their wonderful cousin Justin.





I’m so glad I found this picture. Luke with one of his favorite people in the world, WC.





Probably my favorite picture Luke’s ever gotten of one of his best friends, Dylan.

And underneath is a good find of Justin and Micah. I believe this was one of their many infamous gathering’s at Ms Carla’s house.





I’m not sure exactly what’s going on in this picture, I’ll have to ask Luke. But this is Ryan and Luke’s brother Caleb. They’re either singing together or Ryan’s playing while Caleb preaches.

Either is a possibility.


The bottom image is a fun one of a few lovely ladies: Amanda, Nikki, Allison and Aleah









Another great shot of Luke in the Bahamas. And then his dad, doing what he does.





A classic shot of Caleb [HAPPY BIRTHDAY!] 🙂 And a great one of Eb and Dylan.



And last but not least… Let’s suffice it to say this was a long, long time ago.







cheers, ka


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