Do you ever have a migraine and try to take a nap but your brain won’t shut up so you get up and start going through old crap buried under the bed instead? No? Just me?

Well, that just happened and I stumbled upon these pictures. In the summers of ’02 and ’03 [if I’m not mistaken, because Luke can’t be reached for confirmation at the moment] my husband went with friends and family on mission trips to the Bahamas’. They are all still incredibly fond of these trips. The people they met and the lives that were changed are of course still remembered well. Again, Luke is not available for specific remembrance at the current time.

Here are some really great images that Luke got during one of these trips. Plus a few gems of he and friends. 🙂

[I don’t like scanners and prefer pictures of pictures.]












And I leave you with an image of my stud muffin of a husband. While this was in the Bahamas stack, I’m not quite sure this is from the Bahamas trip due to the beard. And the Blue Crush poster. haha Either way. Mmm mm mmmmmm.







cheers, ka


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