Acts of Pardon


Well, life has been one big bowl of crazy the last month. Not long after my last post we had an incredible time with friends and family in Lake City, FL. We joined together with our best friends and Luke’s brothers and led worship for a friends church that meets at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music camp. It was such a wonderful and much needed weekend. It was humbling too, because though I was incredibly sick and my voice was strained to the max, I couldn’t forget that it was never about my voice in the first place.

On the subject of music, I’m in a band. And what a better band to be in than with your husband and your two closest friends. The only problem is that every band name we come up with is already taken. And we’ve had some great ones too: Sirens and Sailors, Acts of Pardon, Strike the Color. All taken. How lame.

Above all, my favorite thing I’ve done in the last month was have our niece and nephew stay with us for 6 days. It was the über blessing that my heart really needed. I can’t explain an aunt’s love to anyone unless they too have nieces or nephews, it’s such a special kind of love. And it’s so much fun watching them grow through different stages of life. I hope I never take for granted that Luke and I are voices of reason in their heads. That we are opinions they treasure and hearts they trust. We stayed up late every night while they were here. I could absolutely KICK myself for not taking more pictures while they were here. I have got to get back into the habit of keeping my camera with me at all times. [At the end of this post will be a few pictures of our beach trip with the kids where the waves ’bout beat us to death].

Early Monday morning on his way home from work Luke kinda sorta ran over a tree that had fallen in the road. In our brand new car. Whoops. What’s annoying is that a person driving the opposite way was apparently trying to warn him and flashed their brights at him, in turn blinding my husband for a second :: which caused him to not see the tree. Had this person NOT flashed their brights, he would have been totally fine. Luke is perfectly fine, praise God! It could have been so much worse. At first we were both frustrated because we wished it had been our “crappy” car instead of the new one. But now that it comes out to almost $4,000 in damage and we only have full coverage on the new car, our “crappy” car which we paid all of $800 for would have been totaled and we would be back down to just one car. So, full coverage = awesome. But still, the deductible means that the nice paychecks we both just received will be going elsewhere.

I consider this month Luke and I’s anniversary. Our “dating” anniversary. While we officially became boyfriend and girlfriend in September at Luke’s brother’s wedding, we started seeing each other August 5 years ago. It’s really incredible to think about what a vastly different person I was 5 years ago today. What an ugly soul I had, and what a strong man that came after me. I love him with every piece of me. When Luke and I first started dating, my niece Kaitlyn was 7 and my nephew was only 2. The first time Luke met my family, he and I took Kaitlyn and Ty to an aquarium in Tampa Bay. They loved him instantly. I mean… duh. And Luke’s heart swelled with love for them from day one as well. Which only served to help him in getting me. 🙂 But ever since then I have always told Luke to take his love for Kaitlyn and Ty and multiply it by 100 and that’s what he’ll feel when HIS brother’s start having kids. I believe that it’s somehow different when it’s your own siblings children. Well, lucky us: his older brother Caleb and his wife Crystal are expecting their first child. We’ve known since Mother’s Day and we couldn’t be more excited. Just recently we discovered that they’re having a little boy, which didn’t really come as a surprise to any of us. Pretty much all the Jones’ are boys. And while we’re all extremely excited about this new addition, I have to admit that we’re all pretty emotional for other reasons. Because not only are Caleb and Crystal moving to Wales in a mont [her due date is Christmas Day], but the wee baby Jones will obviously be in Wales with them. I can’t begin to explain how supportive all of Caleb and Crystal’s family and friends are for their permanent move to Wales and all the good work they’re going to be doing for God’s Kingdom, but I guess what I’m getting at specifically in this post is that I’m really starting to realize how much I’m going to miss them.

This has been an emotional and humbling reminder that life is a vapor. How many times have we had the chance to spend together and didn’t because of a plethora of reasons. Be it exhaustion, other plans or just plain not feeling like it. And while we’re planning on making a trip to Wales in February, how often will we really be able to hug each other? And I get sick to my stomach when I realize that I have not prayed for this move of theirs nearly as much as I should’ve been. I’m ashamed.

But what good does it do to dwell on things like that? Absolutely none. So today, I pray. Today, I hope. Today, I get excited. Today I decide to stop letting yesterday take up so much of today.





cheers, ka


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  1. Love this one 😉 and I Love the pictures of the kids, looks like they had fun even with the wounds they received from the waves, sand and shells!

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