Weddings and Friends


I love weddings. I loved planning mine. I secretly love secretly planning others. I love attending others. I always cry. I really love shooting weddings. It’s such a joy. So, when a close friend asks us to photograph their wedding [and in three cases thus far asks us to shoot and be an attendant] we both jump at the chance. We’ve always seen it as an honor and a privilege.

So, this is me saying thank you to each of our close friends who have had us be such important parts of their wedding day. You could have asked anyone and you asked us. Thank you. We love you.


Thank you, alliray. You guys are just the cutest. We love you.


Brian and MandaLynn, we love you guys so much. Thank you for flying us up to PA to be such a special part of your day.




Ryan and Hannah Leigh, I have loved watching your love story unfold. Thank you for letting us be such an important part of it. We love you.




Adrien and Steve: A, you and your sweet sister have been my dearest friends my entire life. My love for you runs deep. So, it meant the WORLD to me to see behind the scenes of your wedding day. Thank you. I love you. 🙂





Hannah and Cody, our most recent wedding. Hannah, you are one of the most beautiful women I know. What a joy to see you marry your man. I love you!




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