Our Story


I’ve always loved love. When I was a kid, even though I was a tom boy to extremes, I was always boy crazy. I dreamed about what it would be like to be a grown up and have a husband and 15 kids. As a teenager and during the beginning of college, I kinda felt like my life wasn’t going right if I didn’t have a boyfriend at all times.

I, like MANY girls, created a list of attributes/characteristics I hoped my husband would attain. And as I grew older and experienced different joys and trauma’s in life — those dreams changed and were edited, but they always remained.
I’ve been told by literally dozens [maybe a hundred] of people that Luke and I have one of the most precious love stories they’ve ever heard. I think so too. People have told us, “They should make a movie about your life.” I think so too. Mandy Moore would play me. Russell Crowe would play Luke. We dream big.
People have asked to hear our story and I always ask them if they want the long or short version. And whichever one they choose, they almost always tell us that we need to write it down. That’s how good it is.
Maybe I have a big head and I think too highly of us and what we’ve been through. Or maybe I’m in awe of the beautiful life of grace my Lord has given us, even when we were most undeserving.
Consider yourself warned. This is preface of a series of posts about mine and Luke’s love story.
I’ll leave you with one of my favorite movie quotes. It comes from Madea’s Family Reunion. When I first watched that movie, I bawled my eyes out hearing these words spoken at a wedding. Because never had I heard someone else describe Luke and myself so clearly. This is a picture of those words that I gave to Luke. They sit on our shelf.
Are you excited? I’m ready. 🙂
Cheers, ka

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