Instagram Faves


Today I feel like sharing some of my favorite phone/instagram photo’s of mine.

Hope you enjoy! Now, I know it’s a lot but having gone through several hundred, you have to believe me when I say I really did narrow it down!!

Here are some lovely tomatoes from our garden last year, held by Hubby.

A few of my favorites pictures of Luke and I.
After a fight, Luke reminded me of his love via q-tips and hair tye’s.
Ponte Vedra Beach.
In flight on our way home from a friends wedding in Pennsylvania.
I LOVE ladybugs, I always have. And they still seem to find their way to me.
So, this is a pretty fantastic story that’s incredible hard to keep short. Mi madre and I were driving one day when we saw two large dogs chasing an otter across the road! We rolled down the windows and were yelling at the dogs to leave the poor thing alone. The dogs run off and the otter runs under our car. For about 5 minutes we discuss our options. We dont want to drive off and risk running it over. But we also dont want to get out of the car and risk getting attacked by an otter. Because believe me :: as adorable as I think they are, I know they can be vicious. Mom barely cracks the door to see if it’s still under the car and we can hear it squeaking. She gently whispered, “Are you okay little buddy?” I guess the otter saw this as an invitation because within half a second the otter is IN THE CAR… on top off my mother and then crawling up my chest and around my neck!! We’re screaming and literally crying from 50% fear and 50% laughter. I’m frantically trying to get this otter off of my neck as I try desperately to get out of the car. But in my panic I cant seem to remember to unlock the door first. 

When we finally do escape, it follows us OUT of the car. After this… a while passes and the otter (with lightning speed) will not leave us alone and is exceedingly cuddly!!! Every time mom moves, it follows. Every time I move, it follows. We’re all three back in the car. This continues for about 15 minutes. Finally we decided to take him to a creek up the road and he follows us down and he swims and plays as otters do but as soon as we walk away it follows us. This also continued for a while until we tore ourselves away.

I miss my otter friend.
The biggest “dust devil” I’ve ever seen in person in the field across from our home!
Playing our favorite game, Ticket to Ride, with friends.
Our sweet pup, Bullock.
In October I went to spend a few days with a close friend in dark times. She and the roommates brought all the beds into the living room so we could all be together and cry and pray and eat chocolate. It’s what girls do.
Coolest fungi ever!
The most beautiful dragonfly I’ve ever seen!!! It looked fake but I assure you it wasn’t!
Pecans from our tree in the backyard.
Hubby in Birmingham on our road trip to Memphis in November. What a blast!
Me and my best, Sarah Becca.
Our Hubby and Wife pumpkins from the Fall.
Visiting friends for dinner.
Sweet text from my ribcage.
I was extremely proud of my gift wrapping skills this year. You needed a knife or scissors to open everything, but that’s beside the point.
Sarah Becca at our annual New Years Eve camping trip.
A reallllly cool spider web in the morning dew.
A few months ago, Hubby and I flew to Indianapolis to pick up a wicked nice RV to drive back down to FL. It was the fanciest 5 days of our lives.
This is my favorite picture of Luke EVER. I am not exaggerating. EVER! The reason being that this is the way that he looks at me when we’re being us. And I’ve never been able to capture that on film before.
I. Love. This. Man.
Beautiful thread at my friends house. She’s somewhat of a collector.
My dearest, Amie, napping in our front yard. I love her and I love this shot.
For our anniversary, we went and painted pottery! This was my bowl, pre-kiln.
Our sweet little kitchen.
Some of our favorite photo booth pictures with each other and with friends. This sits right by our front door.
A major storm hit RIGHT after we finished planting our garden.
A favorite picture of Hubs and I.
My mama-in-law’s camera from back in the day. Love it!
A fun edit I did on the bed and breakfast we stayed in for Luke’s birthday.
A beautiful barn near our home.
Hubby in a pub in Savannah, GA for my birthday weekend with our best friends.
Our carrots! Who knew the amount of self control needed to grow carrots. I am daily restraining myself from looking to see how they’re doing.
A NASTY storm earlier this week.
One of my three sets of owl salt n’ pepper shakers.
Little Mr. Frog hanging out on our door handle.
Our beloved Fort here in Saint Augustine.
I love where we live! This is the view from the side of our yard.
And I leave you with Bullock’s nose. Cutie.
cheers, ka

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