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Dear Mom


Dear Mom,

I know I always tell you that I love St Augustine and that I’ll never move back to Winter Haven or even Polk County. And while that is the plan, I want to clear up that I miss you every day. That I wish I could see you every day. That I HATE living two and half hours away from you and the rest of our family. I’m comforted by reminding myself that it could always be a bigger distance.

You have taught me such independence. I’m pretty sure I came out of the womb telling you no. But I’m sure you did the same thing. I’m so much like you, it’s insane. I get aggravated with myself when I realize I’m doing things that you used to drive me crazy doing. But then I get excited when I notice the things about myself that I love in you. I am so very much like you. And that is good. Thank you for being THE most honest person I know. I can truly say that that is most people’s favorite thing about me and I always say, “I get it from my Mama.” I rarely remember lying to you growing up. And any time I did, it just ruined me so much that I couldn’t even stand it. Honesty, truthfulness, real-ness. What beautiful attributes you instilled in me. Thank you for also showing me what it means to be fierce. To fight for good things and to fight against the bad. That’s something you’ve always nurtured in me and I really appreciate it more than you know. I get my passion from you. I know you won’t believe that, but it’s true.

Thank you for always supporting me. And I mean ALWAYS. Well, except maybe for the first time I dyed my hair red and the first time I got my lip pierced. You weren’t too supportive of those things, but that’s okay. You came around. HA! You support my marriage, my decisions, my continual frustration with education, my relationship with God, my creativity. You challenge me to ask questions and to try harder and to rest when I need to. Thank you for that. Thank you for trusting me enough. You spent so many years raising me to be a smart, independent woman and I can’t imagine how hard it is to just back off and watch me do it. Thank you for trusting me but always been right there when I need to ask for help. Or call and cry. We did that just what… last week? 😉 Thank you for being interested in the things that Becky and I were interested in. Thank you for sharing ideas and always wanting to be a part of what we love. I’m sure I went through a faze when that annoyed me and if so, I’m sorry. Because all I can think of now is how supportive and hands-on my Mom is. Thank you for supporting me in any college I wanted to go to. Thank you for supporting me in relationships. Thank you for constantly reminding me that I married the most amazing man, and that I am super blessed. Thank you for supporting me when I want to do crazy things like host Thanksgiving in a 35 foot camper. Thank you for supporting me when I say I want to go to hair school. Thank you for supporting me when I change my mind. Or not. I still haven’t decided. And you support that.

I’m so proud of you. Ever since childhood, you have faced things that were insanely difficult. I don’t know how you kept it together. And I’m so thankful that you’ve surrendered everything to the God who sits on His throne and is control of it all. I’m so glad that you remember and remind me that He goes before us and walks beside us. I’m so proud of you and all that you’ve done.


You’re beautiful and I love you. Thank you for always being such a divine mixture of kick-ass Mom and close friend.

Love, your baby girl.



cheers, ka





Our Story


I’ve always loved love. When I was a kid, even though I was a tom boy to extremes, I was always boy crazy. I dreamed about what it would be like to be a grown up and have a husband and 15 kids. As a teenager and during the beginning of college, I kinda felt like my life wasn’t going right if I didn’t have a boyfriend at all times.

I, like MANY girls, created a list of attributes/characteristics I hoped my husband would attain. And as I grew older and experienced different joys and trauma’s in life — those dreams changed and were edited, but they always remained.
I’ve been told by literally dozens [maybe a hundred] of people that Luke and I have one of the most precious love stories they’ve ever heard. I think so too. People have told us, “They should make a movie about your life.” I think so too. Mandy Moore would play me. Russell Crowe would play Luke. We dream big.
People have asked to hear our story and I always ask them if they want the long or short version. And whichever one they choose, they almost always tell us that we need to write it down. That’s how good it is.
Maybe I have a big head and I think too highly of us and what we’ve been through. Or maybe I’m in awe of the beautiful life of grace my Lord has given us, even when we were most undeserving.
Consider yourself warned. This is preface of a series of posts about mine and Luke’s love story.
I’ll leave you with one of my favorite movie quotes. It comes from Madea’s Family Reunion. When I first watched that movie, I bawled my eyes out hearing these words spoken at a wedding. Because never had I heard someone else describe Luke and myself so clearly. This is a picture of those words that I gave to Luke. They sit on our shelf.
Are you excited? I’m ready. 🙂
Cheers, ka

Instagram Faves


Today I feel like sharing some of my favorite phone/instagram photo’s of mine.

Hope you enjoy! Now, I know it’s a lot but having gone through several hundred, you have to believe me when I say I really did narrow it down!!

Here are some lovely tomatoes from our garden last year, held by Hubby.

A few of my favorites pictures of Luke and I.
After a fight, Luke reminded me of his love via q-tips and hair tye’s.
Ponte Vedra Beach.
In flight on our way home from a friends wedding in Pennsylvania.
I LOVE ladybugs, I always have. And they still seem to find their way to me.
So, this is a pretty fantastic story that’s incredible hard to keep short. Mi madre and I were driving one day when we saw two large dogs chasing an otter across the road! We rolled down the windows and were yelling at the dogs to leave the poor thing alone. The dogs run off and the otter runs under our car. For about 5 minutes we discuss our options. We dont want to drive off and risk running it over. But we also dont want to get out of the car and risk getting attacked by an otter. Because believe me :: as adorable as I think they are, I know they can be vicious. Mom barely cracks the door to see if it’s still under the car and we can hear it squeaking. She gently whispered, “Are you okay little buddy?” I guess the otter saw this as an invitation because within half a second the otter is IN THE CAR… on top off my mother and then crawling up my chest and around my neck!! We’re screaming and literally crying from 50% fear and 50% laughter. I’m frantically trying to get this otter off of my neck as I try desperately to get out of the car. But in my panic I cant seem to remember to unlock the door first. 

When we finally do escape, it follows us OUT of the car. After this… a while passes and the otter (with lightning speed) will not leave us alone and is exceedingly cuddly!!! Every time mom moves, it follows. Every time I move, it follows. We’re all three back in the car. This continues for about 15 minutes. Finally we decided to take him to a creek up the road and he follows us down and he swims and plays as otters do but as soon as we walk away it follows us. This also continued for a while until we tore ourselves away.

I miss my otter friend.
The biggest “dust devil” I’ve ever seen in person in the field across from our home!
Playing our favorite game, Ticket to Ride, with friends.
Our sweet pup, Bullock.
In October I went to spend a few days with a close friend in dark times. She and the roommates brought all the beds into the living room so we could all be together and cry and pray and eat chocolate. It’s what girls do.
Coolest fungi ever!
The most beautiful dragonfly I’ve ever seen!!! It looked fake but I assure you it wasn’t!
Pecans from our tree in the backyard.
Hubby in Birmingham on our road trip to Memphis in November. What a blast!
Me and my best, Sarah Becca.
Our Hubby and Wife pumpkins from the Fall.
Visiting friends for dinner.
Sweet text from my ribcage.
I was extremely proud of my gift wrapping skills this year. You needed a knife or scissors to open everything, but that’s beside the point.
Sarah Becca at our annual New Years Eve camping trip.
A reallllly cool spider web in the morning dew.
A few months ago, Hubby and I flew to Indianapolis to pick up a wicked nice RV to drive back down to FL. It was the fanciest 5 days of our lives.
This is my favorite picture of Luke EVER. I am not exaggerating. EVER! The reason being that this is the way that he looks at me when we’re being us. And I’ve never been able to capture that on film before.
I. Love. This. Man.
Beautiful thread at my friends house. She’s somewhat of a collector.
My dearest, Amie, napping in our front yard. I love her and I love this shot.
For our anniversary, we went and painted pottery! This was my bowl, pre-kiln.
Our sweet little kitchen.
Some of our favorite photo booth pictures with each other and with friends. This sits right by our front door.
A major storm hit RIGHT after we finished planting our garden.
A favorite picture of Hubs and I.
My mama-in-law’s camera from back in the day. Love it!
A fun edit I did on the bed and breakfast we stayed in for Luke’s birthday.
A beautiful barn near our home.
Hubby in a pub in Savannah, GA for my birthday weekend with our best friends.
Our carrots! Who knew the amount of self control needed to grow carrots. I am daily restraining myself from looking to see how they’re doing.
A NASTY storm earlier this week.
One of my three sets of owl salt n’ pepper shakers.
Little Mr. Frog hanging out on our door handle.
Our beloved Fort here in Saint Augustine.
I love where we live! This is the view from the side of our yard.
And I leave you with Bullock’s nose. Cutie.
cheers, ka

Rise and Fall


Today was interesting. It’s 4 o’clock so I still have time to make it better.

I’ve always believed that God knows everything. Not that it’s always been easy for me to believe that, but I’ve always believed it nonetheless. There are other things that I have struggled believing in the past and sometimes still do. For instance, that God is good, that heaven is real, why we worship Him. Things like that. Anyway — God knows everything. I believe it. Which means, I also have to believe that He isn’t surprised when I screw up. So, that’s something else I’ve pretty much always believed.

But something new to me is trying to believe that He isn’t angry with me when I sin. That He isn’t disappointed. My day today is beyond my comprehension. The first several hours of the day were incredible. The morning was spent in worship, quiet rest, reading the Scripture and journaling.

But then it turned to lazy, defiant sin. In a flash. In a flash, I can turn into such an ugly person. I don’t get it. Sometimes, I’m extremely intentional about sin and I have no problem owning up to that. What frustrates and baffles me is when it seems truly accidental. I know that if I were to dig deeply, I could acknowledge that I have the option to be in control of every sinful action I make. But I don’t see that right now. Maybe I’m just deceiving myself. I really don’t know.

Sometimes I’m relieved and thankful that God knows me. That He sees me to the core. That He knows when I rise and when I fall. That nothing is hidden from His sight. Other times it infuriates me. I guess that’s just my shame.

But regardless, He knows me. He sees me. He knows why I do the things I hate and the things that confuse me. He gets it. I wish He would impart a little of that knowledge onto me. Even as I write this I realize that though He sees every major and minor mistake I make, He still LOVES me. I know that that is because He IS love. God doesn’t just HAVE love. He isn’t just CAPABLE of love. He IS love. I can’t do anything to make Him love me more and I can’t do anything to make Him love me less. So, though He may be disappointed or angry with me [I’m still figuring that one out] He still loves me. He is a Father, after all. That’s what good father’s do. They see us at our worst and love us the same.

I feel quite undeserving of that love. And I guess I am.

cheers, ka




I’m not the kind of person who plans out what I’m going to write in my blog posts. At least some of the time. I really do look at this like a semi-public journal. So, forgive the in-formalness of it. Including made up words like in-formalness. Forgive the curse words. I’m honest. Forgive that if it bothers you. I hope this blog helps you to get to know me a little better. I’ve aways been better at writing than speaking. Which is interesting considering I’m quick with my tongue. Sometimes too quick.

Right now I’m blaring Alabama Shakes in the background and I can’t quite think straight because I’m dancing in my seat. Just thought you should know.

Today was a shitty day. People are mean. I fell. Like, I physically fell down. Typically this wouldn’t be a big deal because I’m an EXTREMELY clumsy person and I don’t embarrass easily. But I had already cried a little this morning and I cut my finger twice and burned another finger. So, I fell down at work – and it was a really embarrassing fall. Why do we let little things like that determine the outcome of our day? When in reality, I’m an extremely blessed person.

Just yesterday I saw God answer a prayer that I’ve been desperately asking Him to deliver upon for over a year. That’s a really big deal. I mean, I expected Him to answer. But being excited and thankful is important, nonetheless.

I’ve been really overwhelmed with how amazing my husband is lately. Just today I received an email from a friend/mentor/former professor about my amazing husband [this is for a birthday project] that brought me to tears and once again reminded me that I am married to an incredible man. I want to share this with you so you can understand it too. 🙂

“Please tell Luke that I still think he’s really smart because married you and has a lot of sense because he married you and clearly has a lot of character because he married you… wha?!  😉

Seriously, I’ve always loved his love for you.  I’ve loved the way that God has used him to allow you and help you bloom evermore into all the woman God intends you to be.  In this, he is one of the truest husbands of all of the husbands I know, and someone that I hope to be more like in my own dealings with my wife.  I love how he has allowed you to both discover and recognize your beauty and value in ever increasing measure– again, the marks of an absolute lion of a husband.  

I love his temperament in these things and just as a matter of who he is.  It is a temperament that is peaceable because he knows where his security lies– in his Lord– he need not fret because there is nothing anyone can take from him or expose in him that threatens his identity.  Thus, he is able to deal gently with others, with full measure of truth and discernment in play.  It is not a bland mildness– it is most impressive because he is deeply committed to the truth in his life and for others, but I’ve never known him to descend to the base, unkind, arrogant or high handed ways of communicating the truth that some fall to.

I know it is too late for the book, but I mean the above, and we miss you guys.  We love you both too.

-David “


Cheers, ka